Engineered Plastics

List of engineering plastics materials

Following is a list of Engineered Plastics which Permian Plastics can recommend for your project based on the specifications:


The team members at Permian Plastics are experts in engineered plastics, assisting with polymer engineering and selection.

Name Description
ABS-HI ABS-High Impact
ABS-HR ABS-Heat Resistant
Amidel Transparent Nylon
Ardel Polyarylate
Arylon Polyaryl Ether
DELRIN Polyacetal Resin D 100
Ekkcel Aromatic Polyester
Epoxy GR Bisphenol
Halar PE-CTFE Resin
HYTREL Polyester Elastomer 5526
Kraton Polystyrene-olefin Block
Kynar Polyvinylidene Fluoride
Lexan Polycarbonate Resin
LUCITE Acrylic Resins, PMMA
MINLON Mineral-Filled Nylon  108.40
Noryl Modified Polyphenylene Oxide
NR-150 Thermoplastic Polymide
PB Polybutylene Resin
PBT Polybutylene Terephthalate
PES Polyethersulfone Resin
PMP Polymethyl Pentene Resin
PP Polypropylene Resin
PS High Impact Polystyrene
PVC Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride
RYNITE Polyethylene Terephthalate Resin
Ryton Polyphenylene Sulfide R-4
SURLYN Ionomer Resin
TEFLON Fluorocarbon Resin
TEFZEL Modified ETFE Resin
Torlon Polyamide-imide Resin
TPI Thermoplastic Polyimide
TPR Polyolefin Elastomer
TPU Thermoplastic Urethane
Udel Polysulfone Resin
VESPEL KS Aramid Resin Part
VESPEL SP Polymide Resin Part
ZYTEL Nylon Resin Zytel 101
ZYTEL ST Nylon Resin Zytel ST-801
Examples of Applications  
High temperature polycarbonate for high heat reflectors
Amodel PPA High intensity lighting reflectors for emergency warning lights
Ultem PEI Surgical device for skin care procedures
Noryl GTX PPO/Nylon Emergency warning lights
Nickel-plated graphite-reinforced nylon Microwave resistant housing for Radar Gun
Udel Polysulfone Liquid dispensing nozzle for beverages
Valox 420SEO glass-filled-flame-retardant PBT Flame retardant connector socket for lighting
Glass-filled PTFE filled PPS Level sensor for fire prevention systems
Ultramid glass-and mineral-filled nylon Motor adaptor ring for small electric motor