Consumer & Industrial

Consumer & Industrial Plastic Injection Molding

For more than 20 years, Permian Plastics has been providing plastic injection-molded components for some of the world’s largest consumer and industrial products companies. We produce products that are used around the world by millions of consumers in such fields as gardening, personal care, household products, pet care, sporting goods, closures and other components, and construction and other assemblies.

Why Consumer and Industrial Product Companies Rely on Permian Plastics

GARDENING AND OUTDOOR – Plastic is the ideal material for outdoor products due to its durability and lightweight material, and minimal freight costs. In partnership, we work with your designers to improve weight consistency, and streamline components for manufacturing and assembly. In addition, we understand the need for peak seasonal production where a tight timeline is critical to successfully hitting the market at the right time.

ELECTRONICS– Manufacturers rely on Permian for precision, durability and quality for electrical and electronic devices. We assist electronics suppliers with a broad array of internal electrical components and an array of housings. Developing standards and practices providing support for customers to meet, and exceed their goals, by often times significantly reducing costs.

OPTICAL SYSTEMS – Our work on lenses for lighting and security cameras requires plastic-injection molded components with close tolerances and carefully finished surfaces. By providing high-quality molded components, complete assembly and a full range of inspection and testing, our customers know we support unrivaled accuracy. Partnered with careful assembly, and safe-care packaging for customer secure shipping, we excel beyond the customer’s expectation.