Injection Molding Case Study

Plastics Injection Molding Case Study

As a new medical project was getting closer to conclusion, and ready for production, the secondary department was asked to provide sample parts with the customer’s logo pad printed in the specified location.

Permian received all the necessary pad print equipment and inks on time to meet the customer’s expectations. The customer was planning to use the samples for a marketing photo shoot and had given us a tight target date to have samples completed.


  • When starting the pad printing, the secondary operator immediately noticed that the angle of the print was not to specification.


  • Knowing we had a tight dead line to complete the samples, the Secondary Supervisor working with Manufacturing Engineering adjusted the print plates a few degrees at a time until the specified location was met.


  • Due to the knowledge and efforts of the Permian team, we were able to complete the samples and deliver them on time to the customer to meet their critical marketing deadline. This injection molding case study was developed by our production team.