Plastic Injection Molding

Efficient Production to Mold Quality Products

Our 37,000 square-foot injection molding plant offers customers a highly automated, climate-controlled, state of the art facility for maximum efficiency and quality production.  Permian Plastics currently uses 21 molding machines, including 13 all-electric machines. Our plastic injection molding machines range in size from 40 tons to 500 tons, enabling us to use the ideal equipment for each part we produce.

Our range of equipment

  • 65 to 140 Ton all-electric Toshiba Injection Machines
  • 150 Ton Battenfeld Injection Machines
  • 250-390 Ton all-electric Toshiba Injection Molding Machines
  • 190 to 500 Ton Toshiba Hydraulic Injection Machines
  • 40 Ton Gluco Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Most machines are equipped with robotics, such as Yushin HOPIII 900, Wittmann and HyRobotics, for either parts extraction, separation, or secondary processes.

We enhance our production efficiency with a variety of automated equipment, including automated separation and conveying equipment, bulk silo storage for automatic transfer of high volume material and servo robots for fully automated production and handling.

Other services that improve efficiency for our customers include on-site mold repair and maintenance, sonic welding and sonic insertion, assembly and specialized packaging. We also provide technical support and consultation, including polymer selection.

Materials to Meet Your Needs

We are able to mold your components from a wide range of polymers, allowing you to choose the material that will provide the best performance and value. Our molding capabilities include:  Plastics; ABS; Acetals; Acrylics; Cyclo-olefin Polymer; Elastomers; Fluoroplastics; Liquid Crystal Polymers; Nylons; PETG Copolyesters; Polycarbonates; and Polyetherimides.


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