Reshoring Manufacturing-Move-Your-Mold

Reshoring your plastic injection molding capabilities to the U.S. is easier than you think

There are cost and timing advantages now for manufacturers of plastic parts to move production to the United States. One key factor is the increasing costs of labor in overseas countries such as China and Mexico. Another is the labor dispute on the U.S. West Coast, which is causing gridlock and extensive delays on cargo freight. It means that without a mold or finished good there is no business and you face the risk of missing shipping deadlines to your customers.


Moving molds makes sense

For these reasons, Permian Plastics is seeing a resurgence of requests from existing and potential customers evaluating whether it’s commercially feasible to move production out of countries such as Mexico and China and into St. Louis, Missouri. Talking to these companies, it’s clear that they think that such a reshoring decision is likely to be difficult, time-consuming and expensive.
However, reshoring is most definitely not, for the following reasons:

  • If you decide to move your plastic injection mold production from one supplier to another, you do not need to make a new mold.
  • Plastic injection molds are easy to move and transfer.
  • Any modifications necessary are generally minor and can be performed quickly.
  • Even if the mold is slightly damaged, it can still be repaired by our tooling team.
  • Our experts will understand and deal with the impact of mold condition, part geometry, resin selection, and quality specifications.

Mold transfer in practice

Move your mold to Permian Plastics and a complete team will be assigned to your project. An Account Manager will be your point of contact, and will provide the necessary overall coordination of the project and all financial aspects. He’ll keep you in the loop regarding project timelines, expectations and frequency of project updates.

The hands-on Project Manager will oversee the technical and engineering disciplines involved. In addition, there will be a Tooling Engineer, a Quality Engineer and a Process Engineer, each with their own specific responsibilities to ensure smooth progress of your project.

You can trust Permian Plastics

So why not give it a go? Contact us and we will be delighted to discuss your specific requirements. We have experience with reshoring office equipment components, medical devices, OEM automotive components, and plumbing parts. And we have the expertise to move other types of mold too.

In addition, we are a financially stable company, so once you move your mold to Permian, we intend to keep it here for many years to come. Moreover, we have a documented tool transfer procedure, which covers all the steps necessary to ensure smooth and seamless tool transfer and limit the loss of production.

Contact Permian Plastics at or 636.978.4655 to arrange an analysis of your reshoring requirements and suggested solutions.