Letter From Dale Emge

November 30, 2010
Dear Supporters:


Over its 16 years, Permian Plastics, Inc has grown into a respected and profitable operation with me as its sole owner. Through the support of great employees, excellent customers and reliable suppliers, Permian Plastics grew from a small Company with molding sales of $600,000 in its first year to over $7 million in 2010.


We have been fortunate to not only grow during these difficult economic times but to be faced with opportunities beyond our single resources to pursue. Rather than pull back, I made the decision to follow a path of aggressive growth. To achieve this, Permian Plastics, Inc has partnered with SFH Company, LLC of Downers Grove, Illinois to form Permian Plastics, LLC.


Permian Plastics, Inc., still wholly owned by me, continues to hold an ownership position in the new Company. In addition, SFH Company, LLC brings with it a full ownership of Magenta LLC of Chicago, a significant injection molding company in the packaging industry. Together Magenta and Permian Plastics present a significantly stronger alliance, both financially and technically, that will benefit our customers, suppliers and employees.


Permian Plastics, Inc. and Dale Emge personally remain behind, fully supportive and very much directing the new Permian Plastics, LLC. We value the vendors who have helped us grow to this stage and look forward to working with all of those who choose to support us in our future growth.




Dale E. Emge
Permian Plastics, LLC