7 Tips When Contracting an Industrial Designer for New Product Development Services

New Product Development Services

7tipsDesigning products to be manufactured as injection-molded plastics is not something that every industrial designer has experienced. Lack of experience can cost both time and money.

Bring the vision of your new product or medical device to life when you partner with Permian Plastics’ team with more than two decades of experience with general purpose and engineering plastics.  Plastic expertise includes but is not limited to: ABS; Acetals; Acrylics; Cyclo-olefin Polymer; Thermoplastic Elastomers; Liquid Crystal Polymers; Nylons; PETG Copolyesters; Polycarbonates; Polyetherimides,  TritanTM  – Eastman Chemical’s copolyester as a valid alternative to polycarbonate.

Taking advantage of the expertise and knowledge from Permian can both set you apart and avoid the common missteps that can lead to increased costs, functional disappointments & production delays when a designer is not fully aware of the options, resources, and limitations of designing injection-molded plastic products.

Here are some questions you need answered to save time and money during the process.

1. Who will be using the product? Think about your end user and what functions or design elements would make the product easy to operate.

2. How can you get the buzz started? Ask Permian Plastics what you need to obtain low-cost prototypes that you can take to trade shows, use for an investor presentation or clinical trial. Share a prototype with existing clients to get them excited about a line extension!

3. What are the competitive products? Consider similar products already on the market in your category. If your product is innovative and original you will want to set it apart without making it seem too unfamiliar or intimidating to new customers.

4. How pliable should the product be? You may not be certain of the answer, but an experienced plastic injection molding expert will know the ideal thickness, radius, taper, and stiffness for your part based on its function and other factors.

5. What is going on in your industry? Have there been any trends you would like to explore regarding design? What requirements must your product meet in order to comply with particular regulations?

6. Will it hold up? Permian Plastics uses cutting edge tools in the industry to perform testing on your product in the design phase, helping to identify and solve problems well before production is scheduled to begin. Let us help you eliminate unpleasant surprises down the road.

7. What is the expected lifespan of your product? Durability and longevity are criteria you can design for, depending on how long your product will be around, and whether a future model or phase is planned in the near future.