Total Solutions

Fresh Ideas and Total Solutions for Plastic Injection Molding

Permian Plastics, LLC is a custom plastic injection molding company based in St. Louis. Since 1994, we have provided innovative solutions, efficient production and effective quality control for customers in a wide range of industries. We bring quality, performance and price together as partners in fully integrated manufacturing for healthcare; biotechnology; electronics & telecommunications; consumer & industrial products; and optical systems. We use our expertise over a broad range of polymer technologies, including special materials such as glass-reinforced polycarbonate, to select the highest performance plastic material for specific product applications.

Our economies of scale assist many customers who are reshoring plastic manufacturing to the U.S. We help them gain control of value, delivery times, quality and plastic injection molding expertise. Whether you are looking for efficient production for an existing component or considering a new initiative, the Permian Process can provide innovative solutions.

Our Mission Statement drives our customer relationships

“Focus on our customers’ need to balance performance and cost efficiencies to help them solve their problems profitably. In doing this, we will be recognized as one of the best, most innovative, solution-based and efficient molders in the country.”