About Permian Plastics, LLC

Why Customers Choose Permian Plastics

Our customers choose to work with us because we meet their needs better, faster and more efficiently. Efficiencies are achieved through a commitment to consistently upgrading equipment and improving processes. Permian Plastics utilizes automated separation and conveying equipment, bulk material storage silos, full servo robots, and an overhead crane for rapid mold turnaround.
Our services are fully integrated to bring quality, performance and price together. We look beyond injection molding and become your partner in fully integrated manufacturing for healthcare; biotechnology; electronics & telecommunications; consumer & industrial; and optical systems. When considering moving your plastic injection production from within the United States or “reshoring” from another country please consider Permian for your mold transfer program.
We are a custom plastic injection molding company that provides innovative solutions, efficient production and effective quality control for customers in a wide range of industries.
We are always looking for talented, hard-working individuals who can make a positive contribution to our organization. We invite you to explore more into a career in plastic injection molding.