Permian Plastics has extensive expertise in plastic injection molding for medical and healthcare products. While we work with companies at all stages of development, our typical project is for components in early stage development. Customers choose us because they have an end product in mind, but do not have the engineering expertise to design the plastic injection mold.

We use a three-step Discover, Design, Deliver medical product manufacturing process.

  1. Clarify the product characteristics through brainstorming, market and customer research, and user studies.
  2. Develop product design specifications that achieve efficient production with maximum value and flexibility, including specifying materials that are correct for the stated environment.
  3. Complete production in a controlled environment using best practices for medical injection molding. We can meet high or low-volume production needs, including prototypes or products for final clinical trials approval.

Our manufacturing facility complies with the certifications required for most plastic injection molded products.

For more information about how we can help you take a medical product from an idea to a completed component, please contact: customerfirst@permianplastics.com